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Mateusz “Matt” malina

I’m the first Polish World Record holder in Freediving history. I have set 5 World Records and 34 Polish National Records. I have reached five World Champion titles, two vice-champion  titles and three bronze medals.

Discipline Result Date Location Competition
DNF (dynamic without fins) 244m * 02.07.2016 Turku, Finland Pool World Championships in Freediving
DYN (dynamic with fins) 316.53m * 22.06.2019 Istanbul, Turkey Pool European Championships in Freediving
STA (static apnea) 10:06 09.03.2019 Dubai, UAE Fazza Championships
FIM (free immersion) -113m ** 27.11.2014 Long Island, Bahamas Vertical Blue
CNF (constant weight without fins) -83m ** 28.11.2013 Dahab, Egypt Little Blue Hole competition
CWT (constant weight) -100m ** 28.09.2010 Sharm el Sheik, Egypt Triple Depth

* – world record
** – polish national record