300 metrow na bezdechu

300 meters on one breath! Freediving World Record by Matt Malina

WORLD RECORD – 300 meters dynamic (DYN) with monofin MATt MALINA

STILL Vivid memories!

Time had passed quickly since Turku, my greatest Freediving year is coming to an end and I can’t wait for challenges awaiting for me in 2017. I still remember very well, the day of dynamic (DYN) finals, day that finished the Pool World Championships in Freediving and history was made.

Matt Malina 300m and Goran Colak before dynamic final at world championships

It’s not over, time for DYNamic!

Year earlier, after winning gold at World Championships in dynamic without fins (DNF)I couldn’t keep up my concentration. Next performances in static (STA) and dynamic (DYN) ended prematurely for me. This time I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake and it was much harder, since I’ve broken, 7 years old, unofficial World Record of Dave Mullins!

dreams come true and regeneration

My dream came true. After doping control (WADA) I went back home and concentrated on physical and mental regeneration.

mateusz malina regeneracja domowy sorbet

Delicious sorbet 🙂

I was perfectly prepared, however next day I knew that some sort of tiredness will be present in my body and there is not much I can do about it.

I regret there was not at least 1 day off between dynamics in order to fully regenerate and show my real 100%.

Fight with ego and starting lists

Especially on this championships, where each discipline had someone strictly specialized on it and they focused on one and only maximum performance. I couldn’t do anything about it, but it was ego again, that wanted to excuse possible failure.

Start list were published in the evening…I breathed a sigh of relief. MY declaration, 255 m was the highest one (together with Goran Colak’s one). It meant that if few competitors will achieve 300 m (and I’m sure few were thinking about it), I will not loose. Unlikely but possible scenario.

Polish Team Starts

In the night I was sleeping like a baby, almost 9 hours, but I felt a little bit of fatigue in my legs. We went to the pool.

Matt Malina Magda Solich Julia Kozerska Turku gold

With Magda and Julia, great female pride of Poland! fot. Gabka Grezlova

First were finals B, in which one of my training partners was competing, Michał Dąbrowski. He ended the dive prematurely but did his job in qualifications. In future he must work more with psychological part of the dive.

Next were girls, in finale A, Magdalena Solich won again (232 m) and Julia Kozerska was second (215 m), fantastic!

It was time for men’s finale A. Three Polish people were competing in it. Karol Karcz, my another training partner, I was very happy about it, I can boldly say he is kind of my “student” 🙂 Next was Krzysiek Dąbrowski and me.

Matt Malina coronation of hard work 300 meters world record in dynamic

Coronation of hard work, right here right now


I start feeling stress before start and I recalled words I heard from Guillaume Nery last year in Cyprus. He told me that before performance, when he feel stressed, he tries to enjoy that feeling, because in next few minutes, when attempt finishes, all the feelings disappear.

I did exactly this. I thought, it’s my last performance here, no matter how it ends, in few minutes it will be all over. All the emotions will go away, whole training, preparation, it will be all over. I can do my thing, see what I got inside me, here and now, in this exact moment, or give up, which wouldn’t have much sense.

Matt Malina 300 meters and Goran Colak before dynamic final at world championships

As usual…concentration!

Indeed I have appreciated this feelings, stress, emotions, I knew some chapter in my life finishes right here, right now. I swam without any expectations. I thought that once I get to 250 m, I will make a choice what’s next, based on my feelings and up to this point, I just swim.

My adventures with monofin

In dynamic with monofin (DYN) I’m not as well trained as in my crown discipline of dynamic without fins (DNF). I can’t enter such a flow state…yet.

In my whole freediving history, I have spent much less time for training monofin. Partly because it took me a long time to find monofin that suits me well. It’s stiffness is not perfect, I could use a tiny bit softer one, but this one is the best monofin I have ever swam.

Matt Malina freediving for new world record in dynamic 300 meters underwater swim photo

I was very tired after DNF day before but my motivation kept me going! fot. Daan Verhoeven

In monofin I have swim equally to DNF in 2010 and 2011, later very occasionally, only on bigger competitions and few weeks before. After depth world championships in Cyprus 2015, my friend Samo Jeranko recommended me the right fin.

Since last year, I have started to train monofin regularly, once a week and thus training less in DNF.

I felt that’s ok, since I was focused on DNF for the last few years. I must admit, training in monofin was enjoyable again, I have increased speed of my dives and I felt less lactic, it’s amazing what equipment change can do.

300 meters on a single breath of air!

I’ve started my dive. It felt peacefully but not as good as DNF one. I’ve noticed first lactic pain in my legs at 75 m, so I knew, it won’t be easy. Around 220 m, my legs suffered complete failure and I had to continue with my improvised technique. In other words I have started using my arms, few strokes with hands along the body etc.

Underwater footage of dynamic 300m swim matt malina 300 meters

With other competitors fot. Daan Verhoeven

I have reached the 250 m wall, terrible lactic pain but head was still crystal clear. I have made a decision, that 300 meters is mine and passing by 275 m ensured me in that thought.

At 300 m I’ve tried to make a turn, but since my judge was on the right side, I had to turn the other way around that I usually do and as a result, I’ve missed 10-20 cm to have full 1 meter recognized.

Matt Malina missed few inches to 301m smiling on surface 300 meters

ajjj I’ve missed few inches to 301 🙂

the last will be first…

Luckily it didn’t matter. As a last competitor I have finished the race, but there is a famous quote “The last will be first, and the first will be last.“, and so it happened.

Giorgos Panagiotakis scored the same distance 300 meters with 1 minute faster dive time, but he lost due to 1 m lower declaration. I felt relieved, since it’s his crown discipline and he came to compete in just this one dive.

Matt Malina pays tribute to other competitors

Respect for other competitors

My dive time was 4 minutes 48 seconds. It was at least 18 seconds longer than it should took me, comparing my training dives.

However it was an effect of my premature legs failure, even tho I was swimming slower than usually. It should have happened after 250 m turn but I expect my DNF (244 m) the day earlier contributed to that.

This feeling makes me very curious, what would happen if there was extra day or two off and if I would train monofin for the next few years with the same or increased frequency. I guess 330 m – 350 m is not that impossible as we all thought few years ago.

Matt Malina on surface after swimming 300m and setting new world record in dynamic with fins

I did it!

I wonder if such atmosphere and conditions as were in Turku, can repeat.

Choose and focus!

More importantly, it’s impossible to be the best in everything 🙂 At some point I have to choose and before committing to DYN, I feel that in DNF I still have a big room for improvement and I’m sure I will follow that road, because I feel that gives me the greatest satisfaction and pleasure.

It was the end of World Championships. I’ve received the price of Natalia Molchanova, for the most points scored at this World Championships and as it turns out in any of World Championships in history of Freediving.

Matt Malina and Ola kiszczak with medals

With my personal coach


3 World Records, 2 World Champion titles and the highest total score in history.

DNF = 244 meters = 122 pts.

DYN = 300 meters = 150 pts.

STA = 7:33 = 90,6 pts.

Total 362,6 pkt

Polish freediving team after ceremony award with medals

Polish team after World Championships

Special thanks to my official sponsor Grena LTD and BANDI cosmetics with Freemoon for sponsoring Polish Freediving team at World Championships in Turku.

More pictures can be seen in gallery on my website, click here to see it.

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competitions not always successful matt malina static limitless freediving

Competitions are not always successful

Two Competitions

It was a hell end of a year. First I have broke unofficial World Record in DYN Bi-fin category and secondly I was taking part in two competitions. BrnoMiniComp 2016 and Silesian Freediving Cup. Our team “Wodne Małpy Atakują” which means “Aquatic Apes Attack” have won in Rybnik. Team consisted of Magdalena Solich, Michał Mrozowski and myself. Individually I have lost two times with Czech rising star, Martin Valenta, purely because of my static mistakes and of course Martin’s massive statics 🙂

Frankly speaking, after Turku I have focused on teaching and preparing materials for my masterclasses a lot and my training went sometimes a bit sideways.

dynamic preparation matt malina concentration freediving world champion dyn

Pink lovers 🙂 fot. Patrycja Radiowska-Polak

peak performance

Which is understandable, we can’t perform 100% all year long and if we do it means that we can’t plan our training well. It also means there is room for improvement cause we would achieve more if we could plan and prepare towards peak performances.

Or at least it’s what I tell myself to sleep well at night 🙂

Nevertheless I was hoping to break a national record in static on one of this events, but I couldn’t. I need more routine, more training and more time when I’m strictly focused on one discipline in order to work it out.

While few training I had in water were very good, it’s still a lot of work in order to convert that into competition performance. I guess a lot of people have been in that point.

In Brno I have achieved 7:39 static and 192 m DNF, 12 hours after beating unofficial WR in DYN Bi-fin (229 meters). I knew this static was a result of residual tiredness and not enough practice. One week later I have done 208 m DNF, 7:33 static and 213 DYN. Again static went not as planned.

However, I’m not worried because now it’s the time, when I have finally sorted a lot of things out. I finished competitions, teaching, preparing and analyzing stuff. Now it’s time to focus on training and on things I want to do and achieve next year.

training time

This is one of my recent training. 9:10 static from which I’m very proud of. Let’s see where I will progress from that point.

Pictures from The Silesia Freediving Pool Cup:

by Rafał Meszka, click here

by Patrycja Radiowska-Polak, click here

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World Record in Dynamic with Bi-Fins 229 m by Matt Malina – Limitless


 World Record or not?

In September I’ve decided to try improve the World Record in Bi-Fins category of dynamic. This discipline is not recognized officially by AIDA, but it is by CMAS and Pure Apnea (on different conditions). The competition (Brno Minicomp 2016) was in AIDA/Pure Apnea standards, thus this record is official by Pure Apnea standards and unofficial (not recognized) by CMAS. Anyway I don’t care about this much. I did it mostly for fun and I just wanted to know If I can swim longer than anyone in history with Bi-Fins with literally 0 specific training or experience.

History behind it

In September after speaking to Roman Ondruj (organiser of miniComp Brno 2016) I’ve decided to swim longer than previous record. Roman did a research and established that current World Record is at 226,5 m, done by Andrea Vitturini (ITA) during CMAS 9th Indoor World Championships. To be honest? I’ve never really trained or swam in professional Bi-Fins nor I’m a spearo.. I have bought monofin right away and only this year I’ve bought pair of carbon-fins when I became freediving instructor. My feet were not used to it and during summer I was getting cramps in my feet all the time while I was teaching. Luckily I got used to it.

Finding the right strategy

I knew that in terms of oxygen this dive will be not a problem at all. I had in total 4 trainings and during that time I was mainly searching for the most optimal strategy during the dive.

There are 3 main techniques used:

  • hands along the body and regular kick (official technique)
  • hands above the head and regular kick (official technique)
  • hands above the head and dolphin kick (unofficial technique)

This are my 4 trainings:

  1. 175 m with hands above the body and dolphin kick (dive time 3:02) – 0,96 m/s
  2. 200 m with hands above the head and dolphin kick (dive time 3:33) – 0,94 m/s
  3. 150 m with hands above the head and regular kick (dive time 3:02) – 0,82 m/s
  4. 175 m with hands above the head and dolphin kick (dive time 3:01) – 0,97 m/s

As You can see in my case, hands above the head and dolphin kick seems to work best (I can use all the power and endurance I’ve built for monofin style). Regular kick would require a lot of work from my side and I don’t enjoy it anyway, it might be more optimal though. I’ve tried some shorter swims with  hands along the body and regular kick but it was way too slow.

However it’s important to choose the right strategy that suits Your current capabilities best and it’s applicable to all disciplines. Copy/paste of champions doesn’t always work best, however it’s good to understand what they do and apply it for Yourself.

The World Record dive

Before the swim I have checked how far I would have to swim and I saw that at around ~31 m from starting wall, there is a slope going to 5 m. I knew that after 200 m I will have to swim until I see it. Simple as that.

I’ve started the swim and from the video You can see that my technique is hilarious. Actually it looks like bag of potatoes swimming with good oxygen capacity 🙂 Well, true,  all I was focusing on is relaxation and to be very gentle with my legs. I knew they will become very lactic sooner or later. Thanks to my slow speed they got lactic much later than on training and I had to switch into my hybrid “dyn+dnf”  technique few meters before 200 m wall. From there it was formality and I was swimming towards the “slope”. My legs were more and more lactic and my technique was “amazing” 🙂

The result

I came up crystal clean at 231 meters and got 2 meters off my performance because of turning below the step. I knew it will happen but decided to not care about it during the dive. Relaxation is the key and I was focusing on that. I think with flat pool, fully optimized and pushing to my maximum, 250 + should be very well possible, but lets keep something for the future 🙂

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freediving knowledge nutshell masterclass matt malina

Knowledge in a Nutshell – Freediving Masterclass with Matt Malina!

Knowledge is the key!

Lately I’ve finished my second freediving masterclass, which was the first one in Poland. Participants had an unique opportunity to get familiar with my training methods (pool, dry and physical), diet, supplementation, my approach to psychology and generally everything that I know about freediving. There was no secrets and I have answered every question to the best of my current knowledge.

freediving masterclass limitless skladowe sukcesu wiedza matt malina

Success in Freediving is much more than training

Let’s talk about dive responses

On Saturday morning we have started at 9:00 sharp and discussed my approach to freediving, what role it plays in my life and how I mix it with normal work. I talked about physiology and many dive responses we have as well as how to strengthen them.

It’s important to start strengthening them gradually, not all at once. I have discussed different strategies regarding direct preparation before maximum performance and also during the performances.

what type of training actually matters?

freediving masterclass limitless dieta suplementacja odzywianie trening psychologia matt malina

One of many questions that I was happy to answer

I have showed charts with all of my training and competition dives, what changes in my approach, training, diet, supplementation were crucial in reaching new personal bests. Generally I have discussed and flagged important factors that contributed to each of my progress across the years.

Guess what? Not everything I’ve done was right, there are some changes that were bad and I have wasted some time/years by doing them. Now If I could just go back in time and work from the beginning in every compartment, my progress would be much faster.

Learn from my experience

Luckily You have the option and You can learn from my mistakes! Get my 7 years of experience, all of my knowledge in a nutshell!

4 hours passed and we went for a dinner, well deserved break.

freediving knowledge nutshell masterclass matt malina sushi

Sushi – as we can see it’s favorite food of Nitas 🙂

Afterwards we have continued with training plans, what and how I do. I have explained all of the exercises I do and later how I combine them into training plans.
Time passed quickly and at 18:30 we finished the day. We have also started psychology topic which we later continued on Sunday.

Pool stuff

Sunday we have started in a pool at 8:00. I have divided people into a groups of 3. Each group had 1 hour with me in a pool. During that time I have video recorded everyone from all angles. Now, after the course I go through the videos in slow motion, where I analyze everyone’s technique and send emails back with my personal feedback.

After the pool session we continued with theory from about 12:00. We had finished very interesting topic of psychology.

have you ever wonder what to eat, when to it etc in order to boost your performance?

Afterwards we spoke about supplementation and how it can boost our recovery.

In the end there was my favorite topic – Diet 🙂

It was long and fruitful discussion but we have managed to finish around 16:30!

The course was a great success and brought me a lot of satisfaction. I love the feeling of teaching and passing the knowledge, especially in masterclasses where we talk about the advanced stuff.

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