• AIDA Freediving Instructor
  • EFR PADI Instructor
  • Multiple Word Champion and World Record Holder

Everyone is looking for something in life that makes him happy and for that inner peace. Something that allows You to forget about anything else and completely devote itself to it. Only then we are able to live life to the fullest and go through it with smile on Your face.

That’s what freediving is to me all about. It is incredible journey, deep inside my own mind and body. Thanks to freediving I am happy Here and Now.

In 2008 I have started scuba diving course (PADI OWD). However, it didn’t feel right to me. Ton of equipment on my back and shoulders, slow speed while moving underwater. All of it quickly discouraged me from this activity. However I enjoyed being underwater, freedom and silence that comes within. Holidays in Corfu, Greece, where I have tried snorkeling for the first time quickly sealed the deal for me. That was it! Feeling of weightlessness, freedom and silence, all at once and at the same time unique opportunity of interacting, observing underwater world, simply flying underwater. Since then freediving got me completely and how things developed later it simply blew my mind. I have never dreamed about such carrier. Now I would like to pass my knowledge to You the best I can.