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Freediving is not only a sport. Freediving is a way to interract with other reality that lay beneath the surface of water.  Few experiences such as relaxation, freedom, calmness, weightlessness and feeling of flying, allows me to reach beoynd any limits of humand mind and body. I dive not only to look around but to dive deep inside me, where I encounter obstacles and by overcoming them I’ve become a better person. While freediving we use no scuba equipment. Furthermore we don’t generate any noise, allowing ourself to witness underwater nature in it’s purest form.  I invite You to one of my courses.

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Matt Malina Limitless Freediving Championship Courses


Championship courses are designed for people that have competitive mind and want to improve their freediving skills. The main goal of such courses is to develop skills that are not being tought by AIDA or any other organisation’s program. During championship courses I share my knowledge and experience that allow me to reach mastery in freediving.

Click here to check list of available courses in my schedule. You can also Contact me directly to setup up a course in Your country.

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schedule of my freediving courses and motivational speeches Be sure to check the schedule below. Click course type for more information. Contact me for bookings, freediving course or motivational speech reservation. Would You like to have course in a date that is not scheduled? Click here to contact me directly!

Matt Malina Limitless Motivational Speech Freediving

Motivational Speech

Inspire yourself and others! Motivational speech is my history being told, a man from mountains who conquered the ocean! I’ve raised in mountains, in small city called Ustron from south of Poland, where swimming pool was nowhere to be found. I come from average family. For studies and my freediving passion I’ve needed money. I’ve earned them […]

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FAQ – frequently asked questions I want to attend one of your championship courses but can’t i find date that suits me Contact me directly . I can organise course in Your country! Do You offer online coaching? Most likely I will offer it before the year 2019 ends.