Championship courses are designed for people that have competitive mind and want to improve their skills in order to compete better and stay safe at the same time. The main goal of such courses is to develop skills that are not being tought by AIDA or any other organisation’s program.

During championship courses I share my knowledge and experience that allowed me to reach mastery in freediving.

Click here to check list of available courses in my schedule. You can also contact me directly to setup up a course in Your country.

Championship DNF/DYN/STA/fim/cnf (2-3 days) – I offer courses in different freediving disciplines based on demand

Championship course is designed mainly for people that compete and who want to improve their skills in particular discipline. Almost all of the theory will extend beyond recreational freediving. It will consist of theory lessons and pool or open water sessions. There will be no secrets during the course. I will talk about everything I know and will answer any question the best I can. I will try to share my 10 years of professional experience to You the best I can. I’m the only person in the world that work professionaly as most of You. At the same time I’m multiple world record holder and multiple world champion.I will tell my story, how I do it. Besides topic of lectures will include:

– my philosophy to freediving, how it affects my training
physiology in freediving
diet and nutrition, what and when to eat, what supplements shall You eat in order to regenerate fast between training or competition dives
– how to avoid overtraining and recognize symptoms of it
– how to create training plans based on Your goals
– my approach to psychology topic, it’s a wide topic but very important when it comes to competitions

Frenzel+Mouthfill (2 days)

It’s advanced freediving course that teaches You how to equalise by Frenzel while using mouthfill. Mouthfill it’s both the most effective and the safest method used to equalise pressure in Your ears. It allows You to safely and steadly progress into bigger depths. It’s a technique that all freedivers wish to master. Good execution of mouthfill makes You more relaxed (therefore safer) during the most pleasant phase of a freedive – freefall.

– the ability to freely equalisie by frenzel method up to 35-40m in a sea or 24m+ in lakes. Freely means You are fully confident and relaxed at this depth.