MATEUSZ ”Matt” MALINA – references

Here You can read references from other people that attended one of my courses, clinics, masterclasses, championship courses or motivational speeches. It’s about me as an instructor, competitor, mental coach and trainer.

Thanks a lot for the very personal and detailed feedback. There has also really been a lot of information in your class that the others and I are now eager to apply. Not only did you show us many areas where we could improve, but we are now also training better together in a group and supporting each other even more.

Ralph Staudigl

The DNF clinic gave a great insight into what it takes to be a world class freediver. Matt spoke openly about his training regime covering all aspects of freediving from nutrition and preparation to technique and weighting, all topics were covered thoroughly. There was a good mix of practical and theory, a great weekend picking the brains of a champ. A course I’d definitely recommend!

Alice Hickson

 I attended Matt’s clinic a couple of months before the World Championships and received lots of useful information and insights from his own experiences and extensive research he has done. I picked out a couple of things which I could change and work on before Turku and it has helped giving me some structure to my training and achieve 3 PB’s in the process in both dynamic and DNF. I found Matt very keen to help, give advice and share his training and motivational tips. The practical session was incredibly helpful where he pointed out which aspects I needed to work on in my technique.There are still a few things he suggested that I would like to try, so I will be referring to my notes again. I felt inspired afterwards and would definitely recommend it!

 Lucelle Simms

Recently I attended the Freediving DNF Masterclass clinic with Matt on the 7th/8th May 2016. I was staff in the water doing safety cover, and sat through the theory lectures. I teach DNF myself so it was an excellent way to check on some of my own knowledge and improve on it. I would like to start by saying it was a great course, Matt is a very knowledgeable instructor, he is a good teacher, and can maintain interest with all of those in the group. The knowledge passed on was a high level, and gave the students a very good base to go out and improve their own DNF freediving. We all know him as a great athlete, but teaching is different, being able to pass on information in the right way is essential for a student to learn. Matt is a great teacher, as well as being a great athlete.

Steve Millard

Matt wasn’t my first Freediving teacher but he was the best so far!
As a person he’s very friendly and he listens to what you want to say.  As a teacher he’s very generous with his time and knowledge; he taught me in one session his freediving experience and findings to date.
What I found most impressive was his patience while teaching me the monofin and DNF techniques. The huge gap of experience between him, a world champion\record holder, and me, a beginner in the sport, didn’t bother him a bit which gave me the confidence to learn easier. Matt filmed my dives to explain later what was I doing wrong and how to fix it. The session with Matt was great and fruitful and it helped me set a national record in DYN and DNF and for that I thank him. I will be looking for more training sessions to come.

Youssef Yaacoub